Chocolate Museum & Café

See amazing chocolate sculptures as you discover how chocolate is made!

See amazing chocolate sculptures as you discover how chocolate is made!

Chocolate Museum & Café is now officially open at 11701 International Drive in the Orchid Bay Plaza. Fine gourmet chocolates, delicious pastries and refreshing hot or cold beverages are offered in its European-style Café. But the highlight ofChocolate Museum & Café is the Guided Tour.

Guided museum tours take individual guests and groups through a recreated Rainforest environment. History rooms highlight the evolution and growth of the chocolate industry. The tour includes an expansive display of 25 super-sized, intricately hand-crafted sculptures made of solid chocolate. Imagine seeing chocolate sculpted in the shapes of the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, among others – along with busts of famous individuals. These range in size from three to six-and-a-half feet tall. Included is an industrial exhibit area of chocolate-making machinery and artifacts (old and contemporary). Complimentary tastings are part of the tour.

Chocolate Museum & Café has a workshop area that is well-suited for receptions, networking opportunities and team-building exercises. Visit the well-stocked merchandise/retail area to purchase one of a variety of chocolate products, souvenirs and apparel.

11701 International Drive
Orlando, Fl 32821
Phone: 407-778-4871

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